Andualem Gosa!

Award winning singer & songwriter

USA Tour Washington DC - July 4Minnesota - July 20Portland - August 1


Andualem Gosa is an internationally renown Oromo singer, songwriter and performer. He is arguably the most famous and recognized figure in the Oromo community and beyond. The son of Oromo parents, Andualem started singing at an early age. Andualem is an electric performer and lyricist who blends modern style with nostalgic traditional sounds in his work as is evident in his latest releases Gumgume and Darbee Lalla which have garnered nearly 20 million views combined on YouTube.

Before reaching superstar status, Andualem was a hard-working and ambitious young artist working to perfect his craft. He came on the Ethiopian music scene 7 years ago on a talent competition show where he showcased his raw but impressive talent and caught the eyes of music fans. Since then, Andualem quickly rose to stardum though songs like Michuu Dhugaa and Darbee Laalla.